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$59.00 - $109.00 (3 sections available)
This class offers something for everyone. Enjoy 20 minute intervals of Pilates, cardio workout and strength training that will give a great full body workout for all fitness levels. Please bring a mat, weights and water to class.

Aerobic Jam
$89.00 (1 section available)
This mix of aerobics and hip-hop adds variety into your cardio routine. It is designed and choreographed for all levels. It's fun, exciting and funky.

Aerobics for the Out of Shape
$109.00 (1 section available)
No more excuses. This course is designed especially for people who are not regular exercisers. Safely and comfortably learn low-impact aerobics, strength training and flexibility exercises geared to increase the energy level and help participants lose some inches and pounds. Please bring mat or towel, light weights and water to class.

$99.00 (1 section available)
This course offers a complete workout consisting of aerobics and floor work that combines high-and low-impact moves. The result is an intense cardiovascular workout with reduced muscular-skeletal trauma.

Aqua Ritis
$85.00 - $145.00 (3 sections available)
This class is designed for those who are physically limited due to arthritis, back problems, etc., or those who need a gentle introduction or re-entry place to start. Classes will work on maintaining and/or gradually increasing range of motion in a gentle manner. Participants are encouraged to work and swim at their own pace with adaptations made as needed. This is a low-pressure and fun social class. Please note that Pathfinder does not have gradual stairs for entry into the water.

Beginner Pickleball
$49.00 (2 sections available)
Learn to play the fastest growing racket sport, Pickleball! We'll cover rules and scoring and teach techniques for the game.

Beginner Triple Play
$49.00 - $89.00 (4 sections available)
If you haven't been off the couch in a while, this is a great class to start with! In "Triple Play", we hit 3 aspects of fitness: cardiovascular work, strength and flexibility. All exercises are done in a non-threatening atmosphere designed for beginners or those who haven't worked out in a while. The class starts off slowly with gentle and motivating moves designed to ease you back into exercise. Bring light weights, a mat and water to class.

$89.00 (1 section available)
This conditioning class will help participants develop muscle definition and increase lean muscle mass in their buns, legs and tummy.

Bodysculpting With Light Weights
$89.00 - $99.00 (3 sections available)
Learn to use light weights and repetitive movements to improve muscle tone and develop better endurance and flexibility. This class will work the legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and other muscle groups. Emphasis will also be placed on setting attainable fitness goals. This is not an aerobic course.

Cardio Dance Fitness
$59.00 - $79.00 (3 sections available)
This cardio dance class will get your heart racing! A combination of easy-to-follow dance moves and fitness moves in both fast and slow rhythms will work the full body. No prior dance experience is necessary, all levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged. This class will over a warm-up, cool down and stretching section also.

Cardio Kickboxing
$89.00 (1 section available)
A high energy class that takes the basics of boxing and turns them into a calorie burning and muscle toning workout. No previous fitness experience required, just comfortable clothes and shoes, and a bottle of water.

CCAC Walking Group
$109.00 (1 section available)
Join us for a weekly walking group! Each week, we'll pick a different location and get those steps in. All ability levels welcome. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water. The first class will meet at Montour Trail at Cliff Mine Road in Robinson. Students will be notified with inclement weather alternate location if needed.

Get Fit!
$89.00 (1 section available)
This class will be broken down into three sections. It begins with a calorie burning cardio program set to fun, energizing music. Next, the students will tone and shape the body with simple strength and core exercises. The final part of the class will be a combination of Pilates and stretching poses designed to de-stress the body and get rid of those little aches and pains. Overall, the class is a complete body workout that will help students shed unwanted pounds and become stronger while learning to relax and unwind. Students will leave the class refreshed and happy, with energy to spare!

Go Hiking! N Hills Hikes for the Experienced Hiker
$109.00 (1 section available)
Get to know our northern Allegheny County parks! Enjoy scenic trails while also enjoying some exercise. Hike through historic Hartwood Acres, beautiful Deer Lakes Park and on portions of the Rachel Carson Trail in North Park. Hiking up hills -- some of which are steep and strenuous -- is a feature of almost every hike. Participants are encouraged to wear hiking boots, as there will be wet/muddy spots and the class is held regardless of rain or snow. The first class will meet in the Hartwood Acres parking lot near Hampton Central School off Middle Road (4000 block).

Go Hiking! South Hills Hikes
$55.00 (1 section available)
Looking for a way to relax? Lace up your hiking boots and enjoy the trails in Southwestern Allegheny County. Enjoy the scenic trails in the area while learning about safe hiking, backpacking basics, Leave No Trace Principles, fun hiking activities such as geocaching, exploring and learning about different habitats and much more. Hiking up hills-some of which are steep and strenuous-is a feature of almost every hike. Participants are encouraged to wear hiking boots, as there will be wet/muddy spots. Classes will meet regardless of rain or snow. The first class will meet next to the South Park ice skating rink.

Hiking the County Parks
$69.00 (1 section available)
Spend each hiking week checking out the parks across Allegheny County. Each week we will hike through a different county park, such as Settlers Cabin, South Park, North Park, Hartwood Acres and Deer Lakes. The first class will meet at Settlers Cabin at the Tennis Courts. Participants are encouraged to wear hiking boots or trail shoes as trails will be uneven and muddy. Hikers should be prepared for hikes ranging in length from 2-3.5 miles over varied, undulating terrain. The class is held regardless of rain or snow.

Hip Hop Dance Workout
$89.00 (1 section available)
Hip hop music is derived from funk, rock, rhythm, blues, and jazz musical styles. In this introductory course, we will blend the different styles of hip hop dance with a cardio workout, and cover a set of combinations and routines. We will work our total body, tone up, gain endurance by learning fun choreography, and move and groove to contemporary and old school music.

$69.00 - $99.00 (6 sections available)
Experience how Pilates coordinates the mind, body and spirit through proper breathing, good posture and concentration. Build a full-body workout that helps improve posture, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, increases flexibility, tones muscles and sharpens the mind/body connection. Students should bring a mat or heavy blanket for floor work.

Super 55+
$79.00 (1 section available)
Develop and Improve core strength, balance, flexibility and increase muscle tone through a series of both seated and standing movements. You will improve your focus and concentration while reducing stress and increasing energy and circulation. This is a class for the 55+ of all abilities.

Tai Chi Chuan Beginning
$89.00 (2 sections available)
Students can enhance their physical, mental and spiritual well-being with this ancient form of martial arts. Topics include increasing self-awareness through relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and flexibility movements.

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