Friday, February 28, 2020
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Beginning Piano 4
$99.00 (1 section available)
This is a continuation of the beginning piano series. Students with learn new scales, key signatures and chords. Advanced technique will be used to play more complex songs.

Beginning Piano: Level 2
$99.00 (1 section available)
If you know the piano keyboard and have the ability to read music on both treble and bass staff, attend this class.

Guitar Beginning
$99.00 (1 section available)
In this class, students can quickly learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. Topics include chords, strumming technique, playing songs and using tablature. Students will also be introduced to music theory, scales and improvising. Reading music or previous experience playing an instrument is not required. In a short amount of time students will learn the basic tools needed to play in many styles. Students must bring their own guitar.

Piano 3
$99.00 (1 section available)
This class is a continuation of Beginning Piano 2. Students will learn new terms and notation to enhance their understanding of the music language. Basic chords and the next level of rhythms including eighth notes will be covered. Students will also use advanced Technic to enhance their performing skills.

Piano Beginning
$99.00 (1 section available)
Students will learn how to read notes, count time, play chords and play simple songs.

The Jazz Age
$49.00 (1 section available)
The influence of Jazz music was in full swing during the "Roaring 20s". Take a look back at the music and the musicians that are credited with putting Jazz on the map.

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