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3D Printing
$99.00 (1 section available)
Use a 3D printer! Learn how to utilize fused filament fabrication and assemble your own 3D printed trinkets. Topics such as safety, interfacing with developer environments such as model generation software, sizing, 3D printing types and types of filament are discussed. Students should expect to leave the course with knowledge on how to set up, rescale, and make their own print utilizing many different file types. Students required to have basic robotics experience or prior class. Ages 12-17

3D Printing Innovation Camp
$149.00 (1 section available)
Dive into the world of 3D printing! Learn 3D modeling skills using software, turning your ideas into printable creations. Engage in exciting challenges to apply your newfound knowledge, fostering problem-solving skills and innovation.

Adventures of Science!
$149.00 (3 sections available)
Unlock the wonders of Science at Science Discovery Camp! From mind-blowing experiments to outdoor adventures, we offer a week packed with hands-on learning and fun.

Art Adventure: Unleash Your Creativity
$149.00 (3 sections available)
Explore painting, drawing, sculpture, and various multimedia projects. Engage in collaborative art activities, receive guidance from experienced instructors, and showcase your masterpieces! Join us for a transformative experience where self-expression knows no bounds!

Crafting Your Future: Mastering College
$149.00 (1 section available)
Crafting Your Future: Mastering College Application and Scholarship Essays Throughout this intensive program, students will delve into the intricacies of effective essay writing, exploring various styles, structures, and techniques that captivate readers and leave a lasting impression. Drawing on real-world examples and expert advice, participants will learn to articulate their unique experiences, passions, and goals in a manner that resonates with college admissions officers and scholarship committees.

Discover Creative Writing Ages 10-14
$149.00 (1 section available)
Embark on a literary adventure at our Teen Creative Writing Camp! Tailored for young wordsmiths, this camp offers a blend of inspiring workshops, collaborative activities, and mentorship. Dive into diverse genres, hone your storytelling skills, and build lasting connections with fellow writers. Let your creativity soar in a supportive and energizing environment!

Discover Music
$149.00 (2 sections available)
Embark on a musical journey of exploration at our Music Discovery Camp! Designed for curious music minds this camp introduces participants to diverse genres, instruments, and musical concepts. Engage in hands-on experiences, interactive listening sessions, and creative expression activities. Uncover the joy of music in a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere!

Discover Reading and Writing: Ages 8-11
$149.00 (3 sections available)
Students will enjoy stories from notable authors and have the opportunity to enjoy hands-on activities which enhance the stories. Students will learn a variety of academic skills including sequencing, classification, reasoning, logical thinking, oral language and categorizing. Students will have the opportunity to design and create literature projects such as big books, theme books, puppet shows and more!

Fabulous Frosting Fun Junior Chef 8-12YR
$149.00 (2 sections available)
Let your creative side shine through in the kitchen. Learn how to make and color frosting from scratch, and pipe frosting through a decorating bag. Junior Chefs will decorate cupcakes, sugar cookies and a cake using a variety of flower patterns, rosettes, dots, basket weave, and shell borders. Please note that frosting products made with nuts may be used. Students with food allergies must provide their own special ingredients if needed.

Future Healers Camp: Ages 11-15
$149.00 (2 sections available)
Embark on a fulfilling journey towards a medical career at Future Healers Camp! Designed for aspiring doctors and nurses, this exploration of the medical field, providing a glimpse into the world of healthcare. Talk to career experts, learn anatomy & physiology and get First Aid and CPR training!

Intro to Electronics
$99.00 (1 section available)
Assemble your own electronic circuits! Learn about electronic safety and electrical theory while assembling circuits and troubleshooting components. Assemble series and parallel circuits and connect them to LEDs, buzzers, and other output devices. Simulation software will also be introduced. Ages 12-17

Intro to Programming
$99.00 (1 section available)
Program a microcontroller to control an electrical circuit! Learn the basics of programming by utilizing a microcontroller and programming a circuit. Learn about conditional statements and expressions to turn your circuit on and off as well as craft timing elements. Students will become familiarized with uploading, downloading, and troubleshooting their programs. Students required to have basic electronic experience or prior class. Ages 12-17

Intro to Robotics
$99.00 (1 section available)
Move and program a robot! Learn about proper safety practices when being in proximity to and manipulating a robot. Proper utilization of a teaching pendant, jogging, and program stepping are introduced. Robotic assembly, electromechanical actuation, and troubleshooting of a robot. In this course students will assemble a robot and program the robot to perform a routine. Students will also manipulate cobots such as the UR5 from Universal Robotics. Students required to have basic programming experience or prior class. Ages 12-17

Manufacturing Bootcamp 16-18 Year Olds
$0.00 (1 section available)
This course is geared towards juniors and seniors in high school to provide training on general industry (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc.) safety and health. The course covers a variety of safety and health hazards which a worker may encounter at a general industry workplace. Topics will include exit routes, walking and working surfaces, emergency action plans, fire protection, electrical safety, control of hazardous energy-lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment, hazard communication, machine guarding, bloodborne pathogens, ergonomics, lifting, powered industrial trucks and fall protection. OSHA cards will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The course will also be an introduction to working in manufacturing with an overview of electrical circuits, robotic programming and mechanical drive systems.

Math Clinic for Kids (grades 6-8)
$149.00 (3 sections available)
Students will review and strengthen their math skills in a supportive small-group setting. Topics include mathematic fundamentals such as operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages and word problems. Pre-algebra appropriate for middle school students will also be covered.

Study Skills Clinic
$149.00 (2 sections available)
This course will focus on executive functioning skills that support better grades and habits in school. Study skills, organization, note-taking, and test taking strategies will be addressed.

Success Steps: College Bound
$149.00 (3 sections available)
Students will discuss the skills needed to succeed in college and begin to explore the tools and resources available. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in enrolling in college but are not sure how to begin the process. The course can help students master the skills necessary for college study and is designed to foster a successful transition for students from High School to Post- Secondary education designed to promote: self-awareness, self-advocacy, understanding human/ disability rights and self-determination.

Teen Pastry Chef- Ages 13-17
$149.00 (1 section available)
Let your creative side shine through in the kitchen. Learn how to make and color frosting from scratch. Teen chefs will make pastries using different techniques. Please note that products made with nuts may be used.

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