Saturday, October 21, 2017
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American History
$89.00 (1 section available)
This class will provide an introduction and overview of American History. From the late Colonial era until the end of the Cold War.

Four Pillars of Personal Safety
$59.00 (2 sections available)
Personal Safety Alliance's training will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively protect themselves in uncertain environments. Learn to stay situationally aware, acquire strategies to distinguish dangerous behaviors of predators, master techniques to diminish victimization and more.

Naturalization Interview Preparation Class
$39.00 (1 section available)
This three-hour workshop provides a guided review of the naturalization interview process. The course includes a review of the Oath of Allegiance, as well as the Citizenship and English portions of the naturalization interview. Participants will have an opportunity to complete practice tests and practice interview questions. This course is not designed to provide legal advice about the information process. No textbook is required for this course.

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