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Anxiety Relief
$29.00 (1 section available)
Get relief from anxiety through gaining information and techniques taught by a Licensed Professional Therapist. In this course you will learn about the surprising things that increase anxiety, the unconscious thoughts that drive anxiety, the Leonardo da Vinci inspired method of calming anxiety, effective and creative ways to stop worrying, and as a bonus you will learn how to create an emergency anxiety crisis kit to take with you wherever you go. Professional Therapeutic Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skill sets will be introduced in this course.

Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing
$39.00 (1 section available)
The Chakra areas of the body allow us a glimpse of how the entire energetic system is functioning. In this class, students will practice balancing the chakras and cleansing the auric field to improve energy flow.

Connecting With the Other Side
$39.00 (1 section available)
Do you want to develop a deeper connection to passed-on loved ones and other spiritual guides? Learn to recognize your own intuitive style, develop your own symbolic shorthand and create ideal conditions for connecting with the other side. See what constitutes a message from the other side and how mediums work.

Creating Your Empowering Vision Board
$39.00 (1 section available)
You can create a happy and energized life by focusing on what you want. A vision board is a powerful tool to help you keep your goals in front of you. It also helps attract resources, opportunities, and actions for success. Learn the principles behind a vision, create a vision board and the steps and the mindset necessary to use this powerful tool to its fullest. Materials needed and not included in the cost of the course are magazines, scissors, glue, poster board and possibly other materials reviewed in session one.

How to Become a Life Coach
$69.00 (1 section available)
A Life Coach helps a person identify where a person is in various areas of life (e.g., family, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, etc.) and then utilizes a specific skill set and a structured conversation to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. This course is designed to teach the basics of life coaching and the steps to starting your own Life Coaching business. Upon completion of the course the student will have a solid understanding of what coaching is (and is not), a working knowledge of the core coaching skills, hands-on coaching practice, continuing education options, and practical ways to market a coaching business.

Introduction to the Enneagram
$39.00 (1 section available)
Personality is wired into the nervous system as a childhood survival strategy, yet limits us in adulthood. It consists of our worldview, self-identity, coping strategy, defense mechanism, bias of attention, blind spots, and avoidances, which create barriers to receptivity and change. The Enneagram is an extraordinarily accurate tool for identifying each individual's personality type structure; providing powerful methods for expanding awareness beyond our habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting; working with reactivity when we go on "automatic'; and increasing our capacity to be receptive to change and growth. Please join us to learn about his powerful system.

Listen to Your Heart and Success Will Follow
$139.00 (4 sections available)
Design a life that makes you happy by learning how you can use work to express yourself and share your interests and talents.

Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success
$139.00 (4 sections available)

Mindful Play W/Lego® Bricks Bricks
$49.00 (1 section available)
Looking for a way to de-stress, but struggle with meditation? Mindfulness is the practice of creating a feeling of calm by being aware of your mind, body and feelings in the present moment. In this introductory course, we will explore mindful play using different mindfulness techniques while playing with LEGO® bricks. Bricks are recommended, but you can use whatever you have at home.

Mindfulness: Mbsr (mindfulness-Based Stressed Reduction) Developed By Jon-Kabat Zinn
$59.00 (1 section available)
This course introduction is designed to provide various mindfulness-based strategies used to work through unwanted thoughts and emotions. Through videos, readings, and exercises students will gain the experience to develop their own meditation practice, and the knowledge to apply mindfulness techniques to daily life.

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