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-Is Your Resume Hurting Your Job Search?
$59.00 (1 section available)
Are you making it easy for potential employers to delete your resume the moment they receive it? Applying for a job is just a click away, so recruiters and HR departments get heaps of resumes daily. The only way to get through the mass of emails is for the employer to be brutal about which ones go forward and which are deleted. We will go over traps that might be hidden in your resume. Please bring a printed copy of your resume to mark up during class.

21 Questions Your Business and Business Plan Must Answer
$59.00 (1 section available)
Having a solid road map as to how you want to operate and grow your business will help alleviate the mystery behind the next steps that are necessary for success. Let's eliminate haphazard planning and destroy barriers that could jeopardize the overall health of your business by transforming your vision into realistic business planning. This course will cover 21 vital questions that your business must be able to answer to ensure a desired outcome. We will walk you through each question to ensure your business will have all of the answers that it needs to open the doors of success, sustainability, and growth.

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) Bootcamp
$2,395.00 (1 section available)
This interactive, hands-on, 75-hour bootcamp provides a toolbox of skills and best practices for effective and efficient delivery of agile projects, and provides those interested in sitting for the exam the required 21-hours of formal Agile training needed. Participants will learn proven best practices and tools that will drive sustainable project performance from inception through delivery leveraging an iterative mindset. The agile best practices and tools reviewed are leveraged from a combination of sources, including the Project Management Institute (PMI®), SAFe®, SCRUM, Lean, Kanban, and others.

Casino Dealer Black Jack/Banked Games
$595.00 (2 sections available)
This 115-course will teach participants how to deal the card game black jack and other banked games successfully in a casino.

Cebs Directing Benefits Prgm Part 1
$395.00 (1 section available)
The objective of this thirty (30) hour course is to examine issues in managing employee benefits risks and provide a foundational framework explaining the distinct benefit plans that comprise the health and welfare continuum. Group health, dental, behavioral health and other plan types will be reviewed. In addition this course will examine legislative and regulatory trends, innovations in wellness and cutting-edge evaluation tools to equip today's benefits professional.

Communicate With Impact
$199.00 (1 section available)
For 106 years, business professionals have turned to Dale Carnegie techniques and principles to reach new levels of professionalism and effectiveness. With new perspective and skill we have the opportunity to advance with every internal or external customer interaction. This program will help you with the distinction of knowing how to say what needs to be said, in a way that fosters desired results and maintains high levels of professionalism.

Effective Communication Skills
$59.00 (1 section available)
Have you ever felt like you are not getting the message through to others? Learning how to effectively communicate can help to decrease misunderstanding, frustration and conflict at home, at work, with friends and in social situations. Effective communication can make a difference.

Empower Yourself As an Effective Speaker
$59.00 (1 section available)
Whether you are excited, blasé, or terrified about communicating to more than one person at a time, this course will empower you with the tools you need to become a more effective presenter. From preparation and practice to polish and presence, you will discover practical, easy-to-implement ways to use your natural talent and desire to share your wisdom and make you an unforgettable speaker.

Floristry Training Non-Credit Certificate
$249.00 (1 section available)
Do you love flowers? Consider a career in the floral industry! This intensive 10-week entry level program will prepare you for the ever-growing, ever-exciting field of floral design. Students will learn the practices, concepts, and applications used in the floral industry in order to obtain the acquired knowledge and skills needed to ensure accessibility of employment within the floristry arena. Students will earn a Certificate of Attendance. Cost of materials is extra and will be discussed at the first class.

Grant Writing
$79.00 (1 section available)
Learn the process for successful grant writing. We'll discuss how to identify resources and supports for proposal submission; the common grant application; how to write an effective executive summary and outline a funder approved evaluation segment.

Hands-On Social Media for Business Workshop
$69.00 (1 section available)
Learn how to create an optimized your business presence on social media. Engage your current and potential customers through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Students should have a Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, and Pinterest account set up prior to the class.

How to Become a Professional Organizer
$29.00 (1 section available)
Learn how to develop your passion for organizing into a career. In this workshop, learn the steps required and skills needed to become a professional organizer.

How to Finance Real Estate Purchases
$39.00 (4 sections available)
This course will explain various methods of funding single and multi-family real estate transactions and will be useful for both first-time home buyers and real estate investors. Students will learn about traditional and creative strategies for financing real estate. Also covered will be borrowing requirements, avoiding common mistakes, spotting rate trends and explanations of finance as it pertains to borrowing. Students who take this class will gain valuable insights that will be helpful whether the intent is to buy a home to live in or to buy for investment purposes.

How to Make More Money and Reduce Stress At Work
$39.00 (1 section available)
This course will cover the four primary qualities that make employees valuable to employers. Students will learn how to create significant leverage with their employer, negotiate, overcome stress, and why some people are promoted while others are passed over. Additionally, students will learn how to create the work environment that they want and enrich themselves while working for someone else.

How to Select High Quality Tenants and Reduce Landlord Stress
$39.00 (2 sections available)
This course will teach present and future landlords how to reduce the risks of leasing rental units on their own and minimize the stress that comes from being a landlord and a property manager. Students will learn how to screen rental applicants, how to properly review credit reports, how to encourage the strongest applicant to apply, how to increse the pool of applicants for each unit, how to resolve conflicts and how to reduce the stress of property management.

How to Start a Small Business
$119.00 (4 sections available)
In this 15-hour overview course students will learn the basics of what it takes to start a small business. Practical topics include the fundamentals of financing, laws and legal structures, marketing, selling skills, insurance, taxes and record keeping. Students will also learn about the personality of the successfully self-employed and gain links to resources that help small businesses succeed.

How to Start Investing in Real Estate
$39.00 (4 sections available)
This course will introduce students to real estate investing and will cover how to buy, rehab, rent, and sell. Students will learn the main strategies for getting into real estate investing for rehab or for rent. Also covered will be the fundamentals of financing, property selection, maintenance, marketing, area consideration, building types, tenants, and contractors. Students who take this class will gain valuable insights that will help prevent costly mistakes.

I Have an Idea, Now What?
$39.00 (1 section available)
Turn your idea into reality. Using real life examples a patent attorney with over 25 years of experience will give students an overview of patents, trademarks and copyrights and how to protect their idea. If you are serious about moving forward with an idea of your own, this course is for you.

Investment Property-Is It for You?
$109.00 (1 section available)
If you're thinking about buying an investment property and making it work for you, learn from an expert what you need to consider before you make the decision to invest. Since not all investment properties are the same, it's important to determine the location of the property, decide what type of property fits your strategy, calculate what assets you will need to handle the investment ups and downs, build the supporting cast you will need before and when problems arise, and understand how buying investment property is an entirely different experience than buying your primary residence. Get the facts before making the investment.

Life,accident,health Insurance Prep
$499.00 (1 section available)
In this 30 hour insurance professional certificate program in life, accident, and health insurance pre-licensing, students will receive a complete review of the insurance industry including: insurance regulations; general insurance overview; life, accident, and health insurance basics; and an overview of various types of insurance coverage options. Students completing the course should be prepared to take the Pennsylvania Insurance licensing exam, which is required for practicing insurance professionals.

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