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Conversational Japanese
$139.00 (3 sections available)
Whether you want to learn conversational Japanese for travel or just for fun, you'll find this course makes it easy and enjoyable for beginners to master the essentials of the Japanese language.

Discover Sign Language
$139.00 (3 sections available)
It's truly amazing how much you can communicate just by using your hands. Add in different facial expressions, and you have a full conversation! In this course, you will discover how to use this graceful, expressive language to communicate.

Discover Sign Language 2
$139.00 (3 sections available)
Take your sign language skills to the next level with additional vocabulary, grammar lessons, and cultural information. This course will help you build confidence in your ability to sign with the Deaf community.

English As a Second Language 2
$149.00 (1 section available)
This 24-hour course is for students who speak English as a second language but need to improve their grammar. The class will consist of listening, speaking and reading activities, with a focus on grammar and structure. This course is designed for students who wish to improve their accuracy in using standard American English for employment or academic purposes.

ESL: Communicating Professionally
$79.00 (1 section available)
Non-native speakers-learn to speak more confidently and become more comfortable in professional and business settings. Topics include learning how to persuade, criticize without seeming rude, conduct meetings, make requests, and to mediate discussions. In-class work includes role playing for various business scenarios (formal and informal), as well as making short presentations.

Grammar for ESL
$139.00 (3 sections available)
If English is your second language this course will teach you the principles of grammar and structure you'll need to succeed. This course is designed as an in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language students.

Italian Culture
$39.00 (1 section available)
Participants will experience the joy of all things Italian! Faith, family, food, fashion, and fun! We will sing Italian songs, learn the Italian dance of "Tarantella", play the Italian game of Morra, sample Italian pizzellas, learn to speak key phrases in the Italian language, sample Italian cookies, discover the differences of the Italian regions and enjoy being Italian, even if just for one evening. All are welcome and everyone can be Italian in spirit!

Writing Essentials
$139.00 (3 sections available)
Master the essentials of writing so you can excel at business communications, express yourself clearly online, and take your creative literary talents to a new level.

Writing for ESL
$139.00 (3 sections available)
Many ESL learners have excellent educations, training, and skills in their native countries. However, their dreams of success elude them in English-speaking countries because they cannot write effectively in their new language. This course will show you what English readers expect and how your writing can achieve your goals.

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