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ABCs of Gardening
$39.00 (1 section available)
How does your garden grow? Are you tired of the way it looks? With the ABCs of gardening, you will be able to rehabilitate your yard with a few simple steps. Students should bring a photo of their yard to class. Students will learn: 1. Soil analysis: amendments/fertilizers. 2. Site analysis: what to keep and what not to keep. 3. Plant selection: choosing the proper plant for your yard. 4. Maintaining your new yard: water, pruning, protection.

Container Gardens
$39.00 (2 sections available)
Do you have a small yard, no yard, or just can't bend to reach the yard anymore? Gardening is still possible and within your reach! Container gardening can offer you the same joys as gardening in a large area. Selecting containers, choosing soil media, selecting proper plants for your site, fertilizing, and maintaining are some of the topics covered in this workshop.

Create a Whimsical Fairy Garden
$39.00 (1 section available)
Add some whimsical fun to your yard with a fairy garden. Discover everything you need to know about creating this magical garden. Create a small fairy garden of your home to take home.

Growing Fruits and Berries
$39.00 (1 section available)
Always wanted to grow your own fruits and berries to eat freshly picked or to cook and bake with? We know just how to help. Students will discover the wide range of varieties that are best to plant in this area along with the benefits of fruits and berries in the landscape. When you have an abundance of harvest, learn the best way of preserving them.

Growing Succulents
$49.00 (1 section available)
Learn how to create the right conditions for growing succulents in your landscape, office, or home. Whether they are in the ground or in a pot, succulents add texture and interest to the landscape or indoor environment. Choosing the proper plants for your setting along with proper planting, lighting, and care are the keys to success. Take home a small succulent container you created for your home or office.

Hillside Gardening
$39.00 (4 sections available)
Does your landscape include a hill? Learn how to turn this into a true landscape asset. Students will explore how to analyze their hill and select the best solution to their problem. Bring a photograph to class.

Home Landscaping
$69.00 (1 section available)
This course shows the student how to make the most of your property and add some curb appeal to your house. Learn the basic elements of landscape design plus practical techniques to achieve distinctive outdoor surroundings. This course includes methods of site and use analysis, principles of design, construction and plant material.

Planning Your Serenity Garden
$39.00 (1 section available)
After the stress of the day, picture yourself relaxing outside in your serene meditation garden. Discover what landscape design techniques you can use to create serenity in your yard. By choosing plants and features that enhance tranquility along with stimulating senses, you can develop a landscape that can help to calm nerves and relieve stress.

Shrubs a Bloom
$39.00 (1 section available)
Mixing in colorful shrubs can be an asset to any landscape. Shrubs are versatile adding color, structure, privacy and shelter. Learning how to choose your shrubs wisely, you can add interest to your yard through all the season. Learn how to select, plant and maintain shrubs for lasting beauty.

The Perfect Lawn
$39.00 (1 section available)
Have you always wanted a thick, lush green lawn? It is possible to do it yourself! Learn how to properly care for your lawn through all the seasons of the year. Lawn care will include fertilizers, lime, weed control, revitalizing an old lawn, seeding a new lawn, thatch, aeration, winterizing and proper mowing.

Vegetable Gardening
$39.00 (1 section available)
Plant a vegetable garden and stretch your food budget. Do you miss the fresh vegetables from the summer time? Are you tired of winter and longing to get started planting in the garden? Discover what cool weather crops can be planted now. Discover how you get a jump on the season. You have never had a garden before? Learn how to get started then enjoy fresh vegetables straight from your own yard.

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