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Credential for Strengths-Based Family
$525.00 (1 section available)
This 105-hr Credential for Strengths-Based Family Workers is an enhanced training and credentialing program that ensures family development workers have the basic knowledge, skills and values to facilitate a family's ability to obtain and maintain self-sufficiency. The credential is nationally recognized. SFW is ideal for people working with families and individuals in programs related to: Family support / Child Welfare / Education / Employment and training / Drug and alcohol prevention and treatment / Early childhood / Other direct human services. This course is fully remote, via zoom. This course is modules of: The Foundations of Strength-Based Practice - "Help Giving Cycle" and Motivational Interviewing models. The students must pass a national Credentialing Examination and successfully complete the SFW Practicum series.

Fundamentals of Grant Seeking
$70.00 (1 section available)
This three-hour class provides an introduction to the process, language, proposal formats and writing styles, as well as the customs and courtesies of grant seeking for Nonprofit organizations. How to establish objectives, goals, project timeline and more. Participants will learn the main steps in the grant seeking process. Also taught will be successful ways in approaching foundations, organizations and individuals for funding. The class is held in a computer lab so real-time hands-on learning is established. Previous knowledge of grantwriting is not required, however students will find it more valuable if you have had some grant or Nonprofit experience/training.

Fundraising Basics - Developing the Annual Fund Program
$70.00 (1 section available)
This three-hour class takes a "hands on" approach learning to provide information and ideas on how to apply fundraising basics to create a blueprint for success. As annual giving is considered the essential foundation upon which to build, participants will learn how to develop an effective annual fund program. The underlying planning process, complete with goal setting and the components of a good plan will be explored as well as the basics of gift giving. Student will conduct on-line, real-time, research for collecting available data.

Grantwriting Labs 101 & 102
$70.00 (1 section available)
In the "Fundamentals of Grant Seeking" class CCAC provides an overview of grantwriting. Students will receive knowledge and tools to begin preparing their own grants. Because many students have not done grantwriting before, they will have questions as they get under way which may cause delays in submitting a grant proposal. These Labs will provide the next step in this process. Day 1-Lab 101: Students will bring (in draft format) actual grant proposals they are working on. The instructor (one of Pittsburgh's sought after professional grant writers) along with the others in class will critique them, assist in editing and provide helpful feedback. Day 2-Lab 102: Students will take home all this information and knowledge from Lab 101, incorporate the feedback and bring back a more polished proposal to the Lab 102. That class will include another round of critique, editing and feedback, which will then enable students to finalize their proposals and get them ready for submission. Fundamentals of Grant Seeking class or previous grant writing experience needed.

Preparing Common Grant Proposals
$70.00 (1 section available)
This three-hour class provides an introduction to writing and preparing the Common Grant Application Format proposal utilized by the "Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania". Writing sessions in the computer classroom will take participants through the step-by-step process of drafting a Common Grant proposal. Some points that will be covered in class are learning and following guidelines of the Common Grant Application, adequate budget objectives, effective methods of preparation and submission. The class is held in a computer lab so real-time hands-on learning is established when needed. Some previous grantwriting experience is needed.

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