Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Enrichment and Home Care for Dogs and Cats
$39.00 (1 section available)
Do you want to enrich your dog or cats lives? This course will explain how to enrich the lives of your pets throughout all life stages. Lear how to keep your pet healthy and happy with mental and physical exercise, diet recommendations and enriching their environments.

First Aid for Dogs and Cats
$39.00 (2 sections available)
You love your pet. Do you know what to do in an emergency? Learn what to do when your pet is exposed to poison, seizures, fractures, bleeding, burns, choking, and heatstroke; and if your pet is not breathing. Emergency treatment and first aid for pets should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care but it may save your pet's life before you can get your pet to a veterinarian. Do not bring your pet to class.

Massage for Pets
$39.00 (1 section available)
Participants will learn to soothe and better manage their pets through the use of special massage techniques. Topics include how to use massage as a training aid, discipline and establishing trust and connection with a pet. Participants will also learn how to prevent some common canine and feline ailments through techniques that increase circulation, and soothe an aging pet's stiff muscles. Solutions for common behavioral and health-related problems will be offered. Demonstration will be used whenever possible. Volunteer pets will be recruited; participants should not bring pets to class.

Preparing for Your New Pet
$39.00 (1 section available)
Adding a new pet to your home is exciting. Are there things you need to do to prepare your home for your new addition? What breeds best meet the expectations of your family? You will learn how you can puppy/kitten proof your home to keep them safe; the importance of veterinary visits, vaccinations, preventatives, and spay/neutering for cats and dogs. Learn how to integrate new pets with existing pets. Parents please feel free to bring a child, aged 8 years or older, with you to class.

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