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Advanced Sports Massage I
$139.00 (1 section available)
In this course the licensed massage therapist will learn sports massage skills that go beyond the concepts of pre and post-event massage and develop a 60-minute protocol for athletes. Learn deep muscle therapy strokes and develop them into a routine to enhance athletic performance and investigate the role of stretching as an adjunct to massage aspects of this modality. Students will learn to perform a full body massage designed for an athlete, whether amateur or professional.

Body Mechanics and Self-Care
$139.00 (1 section available)
Body mechanics and self-care are the keys to success and longevity as a therapeutic bodyworker. In this class, you will learn effective techniques to avoid repetitive use injuries and ways to create ease in giving a session whether doing Swedish, deep tissue, or myofascial massage; or performing other modalities such as trigger point therapy and reflexology. You'll also learn self-care techniques to avoid repetitive use injuries. Students should bring a set of sheets, bolster if available and massage lotion.

Deep Tissue Massage for the CervicalyRegion
$139.00 (1 section available)
Deep Tissue Massage is designed to reach the deeper muscle layers of the body to relieve pain and restriction. You will learn, or be refreshed on, the seven principles for doing deep tissue work, seven tools for effective deep tissue massage, effective body mechanics, and centering and focusing techniques. We will also review origins and insertions, and actions for the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles in the cervical area. The class will include instruction, discussion, demonstration and hands-on experience with deep tissue work. Special emphasis will be placed on doing the work without causing pain for the client. Students should bring a set of table sheets and lotion appropriate for deep tissue massage. In this class designed for the professional massage therapist, students will earn 8 continuing education hours towards their Pennsylvania licensing requirements.

Ethics: Massage Professionalism
$69.00 (1 section available)
The way in which you conduct your massage practice can shape the experience of your clients far more than the selection of hands-on techniques used in a session. Students will reflect on their own professionalism and learn how to create a safe and consistent therapeutic environment. This workshop will cover a variety of topics including transference, confidentiality, consent and boundaries of your practice; the prevailing laws, rules and codes of ethics for the practice of massage and bodywork therapy; discussion of ethical dilemmas; communication with your clients and fellow practitioners; and the dynamics of the client/therapist relationship. This workshop will fulfill the ethics requirement for renewal of the Pennsylvania state massage license. In this class designed for the professional massage therapist, students will earn 4 continuing education hours towards their Pennsylvania licensing requirements.

Lumbar Pain Assessment
$139.00 (1 section available)
This eight-hour course is designed to help licensed massage therapists evaluate and treat clients experiencing acute and/or chronic low back pain. Students will learn to conduct thorough, hands-on assessments of lumbar conditions related to stress, injury, weakness or postural imbalances. Topics include extensive hands-on techniques for evaluating postural alignment, range of motion, muscle action and palpitation; and appropriate massage techniques to relieve pain and promote healing. Proper documentation procedures will also be covered. Students should bring a set of sheets and massage lotion to class

Reflexology: Finding Your "sole"yPurpose
$209.00 (1 section available)
Reflexology is the ancient art and science of using pressure points on the feet, called "reflexes", to facilitate healing and revitalization of the entire body. It helps to adjust the body's energy flow in order to keep the organs in a constant state of balance. This focused form of acupressure and massage aids circulation, body detoxification and glandular, muscular and nerve functioning. While acting as a powerful therapeutic technique, reflexology also helps to calm the emotions and assist the body to release tension and stress. In this fun, yet educational two-day workshop you will learn the physical and energy anatomy of the feet and how to enhance the health of yourself and others through a combination of finger and thumb pressure, and relaxation techniques.

Understanding Pennsylvania's Massage Law
$69.00 (1 section available)
This class consists of detailed information about "the Massage Law". The law passed in 2010, and officially known as "Act 118", governs all massage therapists in the state of Pennsylvania. Each section of the law will be reviewed and discussed to give the professional massage therapist a better understanding of how to work within the guidelines and insure a lawful practice. This class will earn 4 continuing education hours towards Pennsylvania license renewal.

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