Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Intermediate Fly Fishing

This course picks up where our Introduction to Fly Fishing course left off. Two full sessions will be devoted to fly casting for distance and accuracy. Specific casts, such as the tuck cast, reach cast, and slack line cast will be taught. Students will build their own leaders during one session, including one for trout and one for warm-water species. Additional knots will be covered. Finally, equipment, rigs, and techniques for success in specific fly fishing scenarios will be discussed: fishing with multiple flies, "dry-dropper"; retrieving streamer flies; fly fishing for other species like smallmouth bass and - given the time of year - steelhead! Some fly fishing experience and/or a basic understanding of the topics covered in our Introduction to Fly Fishing course is helpful, but not necessarily required. As with our Introduction to Fly Fishing course, we will focus on Western Pennsylvania, but what is learned in this course will apply almost anywhere in the country. In addition to course fees, an optional field trip is scheduled to private fly fishing only water with your instructors. Students are responsible for the fee of the field trip. More details will be provided at the first session.

There are currently no active sections for this course.

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