Friday, December 9, 2022
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Grantwriting Labs 101 & 102

In the "Fundamentals of Grant Seeking" class CCAC provides an overview of grantwriting. Students will receive knowledge and tools to begin preparing their own grants. Because many students have not done grantwriting before, they will have questions as they get under way which may cause delays in submitting a grant proposal. These Labs will provide the next step in this process. Day 1-Lab 101: Students will bring (in draft format) actual grant proposals they are working on. The instructor (one of Pittsburgh's sought after professional grant writers) along with the others in class will critique them, assist in editing and provide helpful feedback. Day 2-Lab 102: Students will take home all this information and knowledge from Lab 101, incorporate the feedback and bring back a more polished proposal to the Lab 102. That class will include another round of critique, editing and feedback, which will then enable students to finalize their proposals and get them ready for submission. Fundamentals of Grant Seeking class or previous grant writing experience needed.

There are currently no active sections for this course.

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