Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Postoperative Pain Management: Explains Why Regional Anesthesia Should Be Part Of Your Pain Management Treatment Plan After Surgery

Charles B Luke, M.D., MBA, FASAM, Anesthesiologist and Addiction Medicine Specialist, fellowship-trained in acute pain medicine and regional anesthesia, Site Chief of Acute Pain Service at Passavant Hospital and Co-director of the Acute Pain Service Division (5 hospitals and 3 outpatient centers) for UPMC, will present Postoperative Pain Management: Explains Why Regional Anesthesia should be part of your post-surgical treatment plan. Dr. Luke and colleagues will discuss the reasons for the 'multimodal approach' of acute pain care, including medication management and interventional options with regional anesthesia, and an overview of upper/lower extremity, chest wall, and truncal blocks. Please join us for this interactive presentation during which you can have your postoperative pain questions addressed by a panel of speakers.

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