Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Social Graces in Today's World

Are you comfortable meeting new people, attending social or business events and dining with friends and colleagues? Join us to discover enjoyable ways to be completely confident in the basics of etiquette. Knowing how to shake hands, introduce yourself , wardrobe do's and don'ts, making eye contact and using social media and mobile phone skills is extremely important and can be seamless. We can also discuss gym and spa etiquette, airport travel tips and even etiquette for the golf course at your requests. Topics will include dining skills from how to eat certain food choices to the best way to fold or place your napkin before and after the meal. Whether you are in the professional field, or simply need to brush-up for personal events, these sessions will be very valuable to increasing your confidence and helping you to enjoy experiences with ease.

There are currently no active sections for this course.

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