Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Module 1 - Paramedic

This 96-hour course introduces the student to emergency medical care at the advanced life support level. Topics include the history of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the EMS system, the roles, responsibilities, professionalism and well-being of the EMS provider, and the medical, legal and ethical considerations specific to paramedic care. Course will also involve patient assessment, life-span development and EMS operations topics. This course provides instruction and lab application of techniques and equipment for airway management and pharmacologic interventions used by the paramedic. Students will learn to select and use various airway management equipment as required by the patient's condition and general pharmacology principles and specific medications indicated by paramedic treatment protocols. This course also consists of a clinical rotation which will involve hospital and field application of skills and techniques learned in the classroom. Students will complete required patient contacts and track interventions. Students are responsible for providing and paying for transportation to all clinical sites as well as all other related costs. The clinical portion of the course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

There are currently no active sections for this course.

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