Friday, December 9, 2022
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Intro to Photoshop

If you want to work with graphics, Photoshop is the program you will most need to learn. This hands on, project-oriented course is filled with detailed step-by-step instructions you'll have no trouble following as you learn how to edit photos, create basic paintings, and prepare your images for printing. Discover how to improve photographs by removing flaws, correcting for poor exposure, or adding new elements. You'll even learn how much fun it can be to paint again without the mess to clean up. And, best of all, no prior artistic ability is required to take this course.

Section Location Start-End Date Day(s) Start-End Time Faculty Price
YOL-871-1410 Online ED2GO 12/14/2022 - 1/20/2023 MTWRF
YOL-871-1307 Online ED2GO 1/18/2023 - 2/24/2023 MTWRF
YOL-871-1308 Online ED2GO 2/15/2023 - 3/24/2023 MTWRF
YOL-871-1309 Online ED2GO 3/15/2023 - 4/21/2023 MTWRF
YOL-871-1310 Online ED2GO 4/12/2023 - 5/19/2023 MTWRF
YOL-871-1311 Online ED2GO 5/17/2023 - 6/23/2023 MTWRF

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