Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Designing Effective Web Pages

What makes an effective Web site? Page layout, navigation, aesthetics, color, typography, readability, graphics, multimedia, interactivity, and animation all play a part in creating a satisfying experience for your visitors. However, in order to create a durable Web site, you'll also need to how to structure your site so that you communicate your ideas clearly and in the most effective manner possible. After payment/registration, please go to our Education to Go online instruction center at We suggest you bookmark this address for easier access to your online classroom. Please also enroll in your course in the online instruction center to confirm your registration and establish your classroom link.

Section Location Start-End Date Day(s) Start-End Time Faculty Price
YOL-322-1308 Online ED2GO 2/15/2023 - 3/24/2023 MTWRF
YOL-322-1309 Online ED2GO 3/15/2023 - 4/21/2023 MTWRF
YOL-322-1310 Online ED2GO 4/12/2023 - 5/19/2023 MTWRF
YOL-322-1311 Online ED2GO 5/17/2023 - 6/23/2023 MTWRF

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