Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Accounting Fundamentals II

This course will build on the knowledge you gained in Accounting Fundamentals and will provide a more solid understanding of corporate accounting practices.Please bookmark this link to access the online instruction center.  Student must also enroll in the online instruction center to establish their classroom link.

Section Location Start-End Date Day(s) Start-End Time Faculty Price
YOL-429-1407 Internet Course 9/12/2018 - 10/19/2018 $139.00
YOL-429-1408 Internet Course 10/17/2018 - 11/21/2018 $139.00
YOL-429-1409 Internet Course 11/14/2018 - 12/21/2018 $139.00
YOL-429-1410 Internet Course 12/12/2018 - 1/18/2019 $139.00

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